Is your child aged between 3.5 years and 4 year old? If so, then the Tilly series is for you.

The Tilly Series will develop your child’s imagination, creativity, empathy, photographic memory, numeracy and literacy skills and more. 

What’s included?

The Tilly series is full of fun and exciting activities for your child. Now that your child is getting older, there are many new activities that they can do. You will be amazed as they begin reading sights words, remember the flags of many countries, telling the time and playing along as we do drawing songs and abacus play. 

Each month your child will be exposed to new material that builds upon the previous weeks and months. Below are just some of the exciting things that will be shipped to your home each month.

  • Each month you will receive 4 videos that are added to your online account
  • You will receive a full colour workbook. The workbook has been designed to:
    • Teach you as a parent how to better teach and help your child learn
    • Engage and help your child learn
    • Follow along from the videos reinforcing what has been shown
    • Help your child continue to love learning
  • They will also receive a variety of hand selected products to further develop what is shown on the videos

How do the lessons work?

  • Each lesson follows a similar pattern – Consistency improves learning and behaviour.
  • Each lesson builds upon previous lessons. Some things will be repeated again and again helping your child better learn.
  • Parents should sit with their child and play along. (Do not do the activities for your child, but with your child)
  • Each episode will cover various topics lime below:
    • Image training
    • Memory
    • Fine motor skills
    • Language activities
    • Numeracy
  • After watching a video, parents should sit with their child and do the corresponding week in the workbook
  • Along with the workbook parents are encouraged to use the products

By using the workbook and products along with the videos your child is exposed to the same information in different formats. This is very important to their education. Children will learn must faster when they get to experience it in different formats. Some things cannot be taught through a video. Things like fine motor skills need to be done through hands on activities.


Shichida At Home helps your child develop confidence in themselves. As they learn and grow, so does their confidence. Your child will be equipped with confidence and life skills to learn and process information effectively.


We help lay a strong foundation for numeracy and literacy skills. Your child will gain confidence in literacy and numeracy by practising phonics, alphabet letters and numbers in many ways.


Our activities help to develop your child’s curiosity by exposing them to a wide variety of topics such as imagination play, famous artworks, travelling around the world and lots of fun hands on activities that will trigger their curiosity.


We help to develop your child’s imagination. Children learn to calm their minds and focus their attention to visualise themselves in a variety of situations. This helps to improve empathy, visualise their goals and inspire creative thought and writing.


Shichida at Home teaches parents how to spend quality time with their children, offering gentle guidance and encouragement to ensure your child becomes confident in learning and feels well-loved. After all, your example is the best teacher there is!


You are your child’s first teacher. We understand the importance of the parental role in a child’s life and we provide the necessary support and coaching for parents to become their child’s first and best teacher. 


Through the Shichida At Home activities, your child will gain better attention. As they get older their attention span will also grow. A child’s attention is usually their age plus a minute.


Our activities are designed to develop a love of learning in your child. They will be exposed to many topics. This helps to stimulate their creativity, laying a strong foundation for numeracy and literacy skills and both their EQ and IQ.


Your child will learn naturally to see and understand numbers. We create a solid foundation through counting, matching numbers, addition, subtraction, division, multiplication as well as mathematical songs and games.


Critical thinking is the intellectual ability to apply knowledge in order to reason, solve problems or make judgments. We teach your child critical thinking skills so they become excellent problem solvers and original thinkers.


Moral thinking helps your child to make good choices and decisions. We encounter problems in all parts of our lives; at school, our careers and in our personal and social lives. The ability to solve problems incredibly valuable.


Mnemonics devices are techniques that make memorising large amounts of information easy! Shichida at Home employs a wide variety of useful mnemonic devices that children can use for the rest of their lives.

Watch the Tilly  trailer below to see some of the fun things your child will do in the Tilly Series.