Shichida Method

What is the Shichida Method?

The Shichida Method has been inspiring the hearts and minds of children and their families around the world since 1976.

Over 300 Shichida Early Learning Centres operate all over the world. Each of these centres teach one of the world’s most effective early childhood teaching methods. This method is known as the Shichida Method.

The Shichida Method is recognised internationally in over 16 countries:

Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, China, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, USA, United Kingdom, Cambodia, Romania, Canada, Laos, Myanmar and South Korea.

What is different about Shichida?

Shichida is a world-renowned teaching method with more than 60 years of evolving research into early childhood brain development. The curriculum is age-specific and is tailored to children’s attention spans and brain capabilities.

The Shichida Method, fills in the gaps left by traditional education systems.  It equips students with well-rounded educational and life skills that they can then use for the rest of their lives.

At Shichida we also teache skills that are most often associated with the right brain such as empathy, photographic memory, creativity, intuition, and imaging ability.

We invite parents to try our amazing program and to learn how to become their child’s first and best teacher. 

The Shichida Method around the world

The Shichida Method of Education was founded by Makoto Shichida in 1958. It is the original whole brain training program that he founded. With over 60 years of continuous research, development and proven results, it is rapidly gaining popularity around the world. There are currently more than 300 centres worldwide in more than 16 countries.

The Shichida Method has helped over 500,000 students since its doors opened in 1958. 


Centres Worldwide

What is the Shichida method of education?

A well-researched and well-balanced early learning program that stimulates the development of the entire brain, not just the ‘left brain’ as is common in the current education system.

A strong emphasis on developing empathy, resilience, intuition, critical thinking, concentration, creativity and imagination to raise well-rounded children.

Equips children with advanced and proven memory techniques, teaching them to receive and recall images instantly.

Fun and age-specific early childhood activities that lay a strong foundation for fine motor skills, literacy skills and numeracy skills and instil a love of learning.

An understanding of the importance of the parental role in a child’s life and providing the necessary support and coaching for parents to become their child’s first and best teacher.

Engages the minds of children by engaging their hearts to draw out their unique potential.

Shichida Method class structure


Once a week


50 minutes


1 guardian per child


Max 6 students per class


Learn through play


Learn in different languages

Intuition Games


Image Training


Working Memory


Critical Thinking

Fine Motor Skills



Children want to know ‘Why?’

Make the most of your child’s natural learning ability!

The Shichida Method establishes a strong foundation for life long learning. It palces a great emphasis on life long learning and learning during the Sensitive Period when children are learning at their fastest and easiest.

We understand the Law of Diminishing Ability and want to make sure your child’s innate learning abilities are not lost. Our classes are developed in a way to bring out the natural learning abilities a child has.

The Shichida Method offers age-specific, whole brain programs for children aged six months to nine years of age at many of its centres around the world.

The Shichida at Home program has been developed to help parents do more at home and to those who do not live close to a centre still have access to the Shichida Method.