Online Learning Programs

Toddlers Learning Online

Children’s online learning programs are becoming more and more apart of our children’s learning journey. Here at Shichida at Home we want to make sure that you as parents understand the benefits of online learning and how to use them to your advantage. We also understand that when it comes to early learning online many parents have concerns around screen time and how much it too much.

Early Learning Online

As you would have seen there have been huge changes over the past few years to how much online learning there is available. But that does not mean all early learning online is good. As a parent it is vital that you access any learning program to make sure it suits your child’s learning needs and goals.

  • Is the online early learning program educational or just for entertainment?
  • Is the early learning program backed by actual research and development or is it shallowly based on basic concepts?
  • Does the early learning program offer stages of development and progression?
  • For toddler learning online, does the program offer offline options?

Online Learning for Kids

As a parent it is very important to make sure that the program you are looking at is used as a tool. At Shichida at Home, we are not only backed by over 60 years of research and early childhood development but we also have worked to make sure that Shichida at Home is not just an online learning program! Our students come from all over the world, Japan, Australia, UK, India, Russia and many more. 

Children learn best when all their senses are engaged. The problem with online learning for kids is that they often only target one area of development and fail to work on the others. Shichida at Home is not like most other programs.

Shichida at Home:

  • Engages both the heart and the mind
  • Has been designed to involve the parent in the learning process, it is not a dump and leave program
  • Is backed by over 60 years of research and development
  • Has been designed so that screen time is kept to a minimum and is only part of the program, not the whole program
  • Ensures that all learning is done in a step by step progressive method that builds on from the previous lessons and stages
  • Makes sure it is not just about educating the children, but also the parents as well

Shichida at Home

The Shichida at Home program has been broken up into different age groups.

Each age group has been designed specifically for your child’s age and development. We understand that with toddlers learning online that the amount of online time and hands on time is very important. This is why the program has been broken up into different parts.


20-minute videos that are fun, educational and designed to engage with the heart and mind of your child. These videos can be watched all at once or broken up into shorter segments. Whatever you feel is appropriate to your child. The videos are accessed through your online portal and can be used on most devices.


Each month your child will be sent a workbook that follows along with the videos. Each workbook has been designed to guide your child and you as a parent as to what you need to be doing and how to do the activities. The workbooks will reinforce what has been taught in the videos.


Along with the workbook are many educational games and materials. These materials have been hand selected to develop and teach your child a specific skill. The materials are also explained in the workbooks and on the videos.

If ever you are unsure how the Shichida at Home program works, click on the How it works tab to learn more.